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Klarina Natural Mineral Water comes from the source named Roseira, in the Municipality of Piedade, State of São Paulo, at an altitude of 950 meters, in a region privileged by nature. Its water has been consumed and appreciated by the residents of the property since the 1950s, but it was only in the 1980s that the mining authorization process  started at the DNPM - National Department of Mineral Production, which began to be bottled in the early 1990s. Its lightness, coupled with the company's constant concern with quality, translate consumer confidence over the years.


Packing quality mineral water, contributing to the consumers' health and well-being, respecting and protecting the environment.


Expansion of the brand in the mineral water sector through excellence in the quality of the production process, preservation of the environment and respecting for employees and distributors, always seeking the consumers' satisfaction.


Respecting for the environment and natural resources exploited by the company;

Continuous improvement of the productive process;

Collaborators and partners respected and committed;

Focus on the quality of products and services;

Respect, good service and customer satisfaction;

Good organizational atmosphere;

Safety of employees and consumers;

Preservation of property and business development

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